GlowAmaze Pure African Shea Butter

GlowAmaze Pure African Shea Butter

Afford Your Skin The Benefits Of Queen Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets - Starting Today!

All right, there's no direct evidence Cleopatra used Shea Butter to maintain her beautiful complexion, but it's certainly possible, not hype.

We do know Egypt imported wagons full of clay jars of Shea butter from western Africa, so somebody used it - and it was more likely the wealthy aristocracy than the ordinary people.

GlowAmaze Premium Shea Body Butter - Skin Car, Hydration & Protection

This Shea butter is the purer, higher quality kind imported straight from west Africa. It is smoother and more powerful than the ordinary Shea butter most commonly available in the market.

Our GlowAmaze pure Shea butter contains a rich blend of vitamins and essential fatty acids, which work together to protect skin from sunlight damage.

Even in dry environments where the air humidity is one percent, Shea butter prevents water from evaporating out of your skin, keeping your face hydrated and moisturized.

Multipurpose & Easy To Apply

This premium quality Shea butter is a great natural beauty product, suitable for the treatment of all kinds of skin, hair and nails.

What's more, it's really pleasant and easy to apply! It will melt at body heat and be rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy feel behind!

And the best part? You can use it on its own, or as a base for your own DIY beauty products!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Organic & Natural Shea Butter Today!

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