Giving back to the community

We Will Go Promo from Watoto on Vimeo.

GlowAmaze supports Watoto, which means children in the Swahili language. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to the Watoto Choir to help rescue abandoned children. We know how hard it can be to live in today’s society as a lone child, and that’s why we want to help kids that lost their parents to the war or AIDS. They can still reach their utmost potential, and we offer them all the support we can to help them reach their dreams.

If you want to improve your looks, rejuvenate your skin, indulge in self-care and also help children in need, don’t hesitate to browse our store today. We provide outstanding, high quality products that will impress you with their value and efficiency. Check them out today and see how easy it is to take your beauty to the next level!